Main Hall

Our main hall is centrally situated and fully utilised every day for school and extra mural activities.

Amenities Centre

This centre houses Club Engage aftercare – Janine 0721902995, our Music Department, Occupational Therapist and our Tuckshop, Royal T Catering.

Occupational Therapy – Nadia van Rooiyen – Tel:  021 5582686 / 0823768563 – email: 

Speech Therapist – Kim Marsh – Office: 021 9171956 – Cell: 082 9003208

Royal T Catering (Tuckshop) Tanya Olsen Cell: 083 297 3783 /


Our modern library offers a large range of appropriate reading material, research books, photocopy and laminating service.

Resource Centre

The well stocked Resource Centre contains structured English and Afrikaans readers and Individualised Reading programmes (IRP) which enable the learners to read according to their individual ability.

Leaners are afforded the opportunity to take these books home in order to practice and improve their reading.

Computer Department

Our two modern computer labs are equipped with x35 workstations and x35 laptops.  We have revamped one of our labs to be used for the purpose of Coding and Robotics. We also use a variety of up-to-date software including Scratch (coding), IR Learning Tools (interactive maths games), MS office applications and Readers are Leaders programmes for those that require added improvement in reading in English and Afrikaans. We have started the implementation of Coding and Robotics and have made the use of our BBC Micro bits with the programming software Make Code as well as our Lego Spike kits, to both build, programme/code and whilst collaborating our end builds together.

In conjunction with Digicape we often offer coding workshops during school holidays, please look out for these on our D6 Communicator.

IT Equipment
Each classroom is equipped with internet access, a networked computer and video data projector.  Grade 2 – Grade 7 classrooms are also equipped with interactive SMART whiteboards.

We have included eLearning into our classrooms with the implementation of the use of iPads. We have already integrated devices into our grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 classrooms. We are privileged to be able to use our iPads on a one-to-one basis from grade 5, 6 and 7 with our other grades having shared floating banks available. Some of our Apps that are being used include swift playground coding, popplet, stop motion, book creator, iMovie etc. 
This equipment is extensively used by both teachers and learners.

MS J ABRAHAMSE – Grade 1, 2, 3, 4 Digital Literacy Teacher.

MRS M HAARHOFF – Grade 5, 6, 7 Digital Literacy Teacher


Digital Literacy is taught in both our computer LABs and includes internet and e-communications, application skills, algorithms and coding and robotic skills.

Readers are Leaders: Mrs C. Walsh and Ms J Abrahamse by invitation.
Times: every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons 14:30 – 15:00

Teaching Enhancements

Our leaners are extremely fortunate to enjoy our wonderful facilities and teaching aids. We are able to provide these enhancements as a result of the responsible attitude of our parents in meeting their financial obligations.

Amongst others, we utilize the following software:

>Readers are Leaders
>IR Learning Tools
>Maths Trek
>Interactive Notebook Software
>MS Office
>Internet Access and Emailing


The Canteen/Tuckshop is owned by Tanya Olsen (known as “T”) and run under the name Royal “T” Catering & Events (Pty) Ltd. It is open before school, at break times, and after school.  It is also open for all major school events and sports in the afternoon. It is housed next to the amenities centre.

Alongside the traditional tuckshop offerings, they prepare the pre-ordered meals every day (which must be ordered via the Karri App under “Daily meals from Tuckshop” and these are delivered to the classrooms just before first break. Should you wish to order lunch for your child who attends the “Club Engage Aftercare” – situated on the school premises – these can be ordered via the Karri App as well, under the “Club Engage Midday Meal”.  The ordering of these meals is done via the Karri App and orders open on a Wednesday and close on a Sunday at 5pm for the new week. Any queries with regard to pre-orders can be sent directly to her on, or via WhatsApp to 083 297 3783,

The Canteen do not accept manual orders and all ordering of meals are to be done via the Karri App.

In addition, the Canteen offers daily dinners for collection Monday – Friday from 3:30pm at the Canteen. They also deliver in Edgemead & Bothasig.  If you are interested in placing a family “made to order meal”, please email the Canteen directly at to be added to the weekly mailing list to see what is on offer for the next week.

We also cater for all types of functions: weddings, birthdays, baby showers, kitchen teas, funerals, private dinner parties, buffets, kiddie’s parties, bespoke / fancy cakes, etc./party packs & cupcakes for your child to hand out on their birthday to their class mates😊

Tanya Olsen – Contact Number:  083 297 3783

Sports Facilities

Hockey fields
Rugby fields
Tennis Courts
Netball Courts
Cricket Nets & Pitch
Swimming Pool

Available aftercare facilities in the community