Music Department

Miss L Dunn (HOD) – Piano, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Orchestra and Jazz Band Accompanist
Mr A Gibbons – Piano, Trumpet, Trombone, Orchestra and Jazz Band
Mrs R Verster – Senior Choir, Recorder, Electronic Keyboard and Marimba Band Co-Ordinatior
Miss M van de Merwe – Classical Guitar
Mr E Terhoven – Drums
Mrs C Niemand – Piano and violin

For further details please refer to the relevant Music Application Forms below. 
All application forms need to be handed into Miss Dunn or emailed to


Dear Parents

Welcome to 2021! We hope that it will be a fruitful year for all our students. Below are details regarding music lessons for existing music students. We welcome Mrs Colette Niemand into our Music Department to teach piano and violin.

Music lessons begin from Tuesday 16 February 2021. All music students of Mr Gibbons, Mrs Recrosio and Mrs Niemand must please bring their music books to school every day for the first 2 weeks of term. Initially they will be called for their lessons, and all students will receive 1 lesson per week until 29 February.  

Mr Terhoven will teach drums on Fridays at school and online until 29 February.

Please take careful note of the following arrangements:

Mr Gibbons, Mrs Recrosio, Mr Terhoven and our new teacher, Mrs Niemand, will be teaching on the premises.

Miss Dunn and Miss van der Merwe will teach online via teams until further notice. Please check emails for lesson times on teams with these teachers.

As from 1 March, music students studying instruments other than drums and guitar, will return to 2 lessons per week. Guitar and drum students will continue, as per usual, with 1 lesson per week.

Orchestra and Jazz Band, Marimba Band, Senior Choir

Please note that regrettably, due to Covid, it has been necessary to suspend all Marimba Band lessons, as well as, Senior Choir, Orchestra and Jazz Band rehearsals, until further notice.