Grade 6

Educators (2021)

  • Mr J Nathan Gr6Na (Grade Head)       
  • Mrs S Joosten Gr6Jo      
  • Mrs P Covey Gr6Co       
  • Mr B Marchand Gr6Ma  
  • Mrs S Nell Gr6Ne   
  • Mrs R Butler Gr6Bu
  • Miss J Reid Gr6Re           

Stationery Requirements

Below is a list of stationery requirements for 2021. This list has already been communicated via D6 with the option to purchase from Art & Office. Please note, this is a starter pack only and consumables may need to be replaced as the year progresses. Please ensure all items are individually and clearly marked and are at school on the first day.

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Glue Stick 40g1
Ballpoint Med Blue2
Eraser Large Plastic1
Fineliner Black2
Highlighter Wallet 41
Pencil HB – single4
Pencil Crayon bx121
Pencilbag Canvas 33cm Zip in front1
Ruler Clear Shatter Resist 30cm1
Scissors Office 17cm1
Sharpener 2 hole with canister1
Butterfly File A4 20pg1
Maths Set1
Exam pad A4 80pg punched and ruled1
Ballpoint Pens Assorted box 101
Calculator Sharp EL231L1

Additional requirements

Below is a grade specific list of requirements which are not on the Art & Office starter pack list for 2020:

  • Earphones to fit into a bank bag:- for use with iPads as required as school does not supply for health reasons.
  • 2 Large boxes of tissues (200s)
  • Plastic for covering books
  • Dictionary Afrik-Eng ISBN: 9781868902293 (this will be used till Gr7)
  • Dictionary Oxford SA Sec ISBN: 9780190731809 (this will be used till Gr7)

Homework diary and uniform

Please do not purchase your own homework diary as we prefer all children to have a standard homework book. This will be given to your child on the first day of school.

Please ensure that your child’s uniform and Physical Education clothes are complete and in good order for the new year. Each item of clothing must be clearly marked. Please refer to our school’s website with regards to uniform requirements.