Grade 1

Educators (2021)

  • Mrs J Thomas (HOD – Pastoral Care)
  • Mrs I Rautenbach (Grade Head)
  • Miss C MacKenzie
  •  Mrs K Whittemore
  • Mrs D Kleibeler
  • Mrs C Charles
  • Miss C Smith
  • Mrs J Twell

Please ensure that your child has the following on the first day of school, our first parent meeting will be held on Monday the 20th January 2020 in the school hall.

  • An art shirt. We recommend that you take one of dad’s old shirts and shorten the sleeves. It is best to put elastic in the hem of the sleeve so that it fits your child’s wrist
  • A box of tissues
  • A navy blue suitcase or satchel (with dividers) for your books. (We do NOT allow the wheelie type)

Stationery Requirements:

Back to School: Grade 1 Kit 2021
Pencil bagCanvas 24,5cm – zip in front1
Glue stick40g3
Whiteboard marker 2
Pencil CrayonTripgrip box of 101
RulerFinger Grip, 30cm1
Sharpener2 holes with canister1
PencilHB box of 121
ScissorsBluntnose, 13 cm1
EraserLarge, plastic2
Butterfly file20 pocket, A42
Wax retractableBostik, pkt of 122

Compulsory items which will be given to your child by the school

  • A chair bag
  • A lunch bag
  • A dictionary
  • A homework diary

Please make sure that every single item is marked with your child’s full name.

Crayons need to be marked individually too.