Music Fees

Instrumental music tuition is offered at our school as a voluntary extra mural activity.  These music lessons are not part of the curriculum. 

Since the school is required to appoint staff to present this tuition, parents of pupils who wish to participate in this programme are obliged to pay for this service.  These payments are additional to the school fees detailed above. These fees are to be paid within two weeks of receiving your statement.

Music fees are payable either per annum or per term must be paid within the first two weeks of each term. A debit order option is also available.


Music tuition is set at the following for 2021:

R1 450 per learner per term for instrumental lessons. At present, this includes piano, electronic keyboard, recorder, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet and trombone tuition. (See below for guitar and drums)

R 150 per learner per term for theory

R 510 per learner per term for instrument hire

R1 340 per learner per term for drum lessons

R1 340 per learner per term for guitar lessons

R 750 per learner per term for marimba band (includes top hire)


Instrumental lessons R5 800
Instrument Hire R2 040
Theory Group Lessons R600
Drums Lessons R5 360
Guitar Lessons R5 360