Music Fees

Individual music tuition is offered at our school as a voluntary extra mural activity.  These music lessons are not part of the curriculum. 

Since the school is required to appoint staff to present this tuition, parents of pupils who wish to participate in this programme are obliged to pay for this service.  These payments are additional to the school fees detailed above. These fees are paid within two weeks of receiving your statement.


Music tuition is set at the following:

R1 380 per learner per term for instrumental, excluding classical guitar and drums

R 140 per learner per term for theory

R 490 per learner per term for instrument hire

R1 275 per learner per term for drum lessons

R1 275 per learner per term for guitar lessons

R 715 per learner per term for marimba band (includes top hire)

Music fees are payable either per annum, or per term and must be paid within the first week of each term, or via debit order.

Marimba Band Fees

Annual Inv incl. Top R2 860
Termly Payment R715


Anl Inv Instrument R5 520
Anl Inv Hire R1 960
Anl Inv Theory R 560
Anl Drums R5 100
Anl Guitar R5 100

Termly Payments

Instrument R1 380
Hire R 490
Theory R 140
Drums R 1 275
Guitar R1 275

Remedial Fees

As in the case of music, the attending of remedial lessons is a voluntary option exercised by parents.
These classes do not form part of the curriculum.

The school has employed two remedial teachers – Mrs Bouwer (HOD) and Ms Horner as well as a social worker Mrs Siganda. These teachers attend to the needs of the children requiring specialised remedial intervention or emotional support.