Arrears School Fees

We are very aware of the financial hardships that many parents are experiencing and are happy to discuss these with parents.

We wish to inform parents that according to the South African School’s Act 1996 (as amended),the payment of school fees is compulsory. Parents may, however, apply to the school for total, partial or conditional relief of the payment of fees.

The extent of relief granted is dependent upon both parents’ annual income (from all sources).

Should a parent want to apply for this relief the application forms are available from our school fee administrator, Mrs Smith, and must be collected by the parent in person.

Since the running of a school efficiently requires much more funding than the state provides, we appeal for parents to apply responsibly for this assistance.

Should any parent wish to apply for this assistance for next year, application forms need to be completed and submitted by the first week in February of the new year. Relief may be granted by this means only, ie. no relief can be given without the formal application and the completion of the application forms.

Those parents, who have already received assistance in the past, also need to re-apply in 2020.  Humanitarian relief may be considered at shorter notice only in exceptional financial circumstances.  In this case a meeting with the principal is essential.

In the case of a family being divorced, the child usually resides with the guardian parent.

The school liaises with this parent only.

If the guardian parent is not responsible for the school fees, it is his/her responsibility to ensure that the “other” parent meets their obligations.  This includes the completion of the assistance application where applicable.

Please note, that the above processes are undertaken in the strictest confidence.

Thank you



Arrears School Fees


School fees are payable: annually upfront, monthly by debit order or quarterly upfront.

Arrears occur either when debit order payments are returned by the bank or when deadlines for quarterly payments are not met.

Quarterly school fees are payable per term in advance.  All fees for a particular term should be paid within the first three weeks of the term.  By the end of any particular term, fees are overdue.  Proceedings to recover these fees are instituted at the beginning of the following term.


1.The school fees administrator should make telephonic contact with the parent to ascertain the reason for the arrears. Payment arrangements should be negotiated or a meeting arranged with the principal if necessary. The debtor should be encouraged to use the debit order system.

2.    Should there have been no communication from the debtor, a section 41 letter should be sent home.

3.    If the parent then approaches the school, they should sign an Acknowledgment of Debt.

4.    If no reaction is received from the parent regarding the section 41 letter, the file should be handed to ZYLLEYN, our debt collectors.  This should also happen if the debtor defaults on his Acknowledgment of Debt.

5.    Once the file has been handed to ZYLLEYN all liaison devolves to them.

6.    ZYLLEYN will liaise with the bursar re payment plans, further action, etc.  Permission for blacklisting, summons, etc. must be sanctioned in writing by the Governing Body.