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Please support us in keeping our EPS children safe…by using KARRI.  Karri is a free app (endorsed by Nedbank) that is super simple to navigate and will make you and your child’s life easier when it comes to paying for school related items.  No more cash on the premises means a reduced risk to all on site.  It also means you will receive reminders of monies due directly to your phone…no more remember to give notices in diaries or forgetting.  There are 2 payment options on the app, either link your bank card or deposit into your Karri wallet via an eft.  You choose which suits you. Please contact should you have any queries.


Tel: (021) 5581007

Fax: (021) 558 4805

EPS ABSENTEE LINE: 072 891 3857

It is preferable to make contact with the teacher via email than by telephone.

Please use the following address to contact any teacher:


Emails – Mrs Hanekom: School Secretary – Mrs Bestbier: Principal’s Secretary and Admissions – Mrs Smith: School Fees Administrator – Mr Forbes: Sports Administrator