Application Procedure & Forms


Admissions 2022/23 | Western Cape Education Department
online ONLY no hard copies: Period 14th March to 14th April 2022 for 2023 APPLICATION

Any enquiries please email Mrs Bestbier regarding Grade 1-7 _ ONLY 2022 applications will still need hard copies

The following criteria apply in this order:

a)    Children who have older brothers or sisters currently enrolled at EPS.  These applicants may be resident outside Edgemead.

b)    Children whose parents reside permanently in Edgemead. The residence must be owned by the parent or a rental contract for at least one year must be presented.  Casual accommodation with a relative or friend does not qualify.

c)     Children who do not necessarily reside in Edgemead, but who attend Denison Way Campus, Anton Anreith Campus and Village Educare.  However, attending one of these Pre-Schools does not guarantee enrolment. During the past few years, we have NOT been able to accommodate all the children who attend these institutions.

6. Parents are advised to enrol as soon as possible after the application opening date. Please note, however, that enrolling early DOES NOT guarantee acceptance.  All applications submitted during the applications window period receive equal  consideration according to the above criteria.

7.     We do not have waiting lists for enrolments beyond the current application process.

8. We encourage all prospective parents to download the school communicator as we often communicate classroom/school business by this means only.  This way of communicating has proved extremely successful and can be personalised so that you receive only the articles that are relevant to you and your child.

Kindly download the communicator software by copying into your address bar to access the communicator website and follow the installation instructions.

The School Communicator can also be accessed via cellphone.  Add the link to your cellular phone address list to access the School Communicator information easily and quickly via cellphone.  We encourage all parents to download this software.


School fees for 2021 was ratified at the Budget Presentation meeting in November 2020. The 2021 Grade 1 fees are R20 940 per annum per child which includes an initial payment at enrolment.  For 2021 Grade 1’s this initial payment is R1 500 and must be paid upon the child being accepted at EPS.   The payment is due when the parent confirms attendance at EPS.  This is not a conditional deposit but is part of the school fees.  The balance is subject to the applicable discount if paid up front.  The R1 500 is always refundable if the child is withdrawn before school commences in January. Children repeating Grade 1 do not pay the R1 500 a second time.

School fees are payable in advance and due at the beginning of the school year.  Payment arrangements include an advance annual payment, 4 termly payments or debit order payment in 10 equal instalments (February to November).  All fees are subject to discount if paid up front.

For further information regarding current fees refer to the “Administration-Finance-School Fees” tab on our website (  Alternatively, contact our Fees Administrator at


Application forms should be legibly and fully completed in block letters. The following completed documents must ALL be supplied with the application form before enrolment can be confirmed.

Grade 1 Only:

  1. Proof of immunisation or copy of the clinic card
  2. CEMIS number obtainable from your pre-school or on the report

All Grades

1.      Copy of Child’s Birth Certificate. Only data on this certificate will be regarded as accurate and will be used for enrolment.

2.      It is compulsory that each child that we enroll has an identity number.  Foreign nationals are to ensure that this is available and that the study documents from the Department of Home Affairs are in order.

3.      A copy of the most recent school report card.

4.      Proof of the child’s permanent residential address.  A copy of a lease agreement or a utilities account in the name of one of the parents/guardians is acceptable as per the application policy.

5.      Signed Pupil Pledge.

6.      Signed Declaration of Parent/Guardian.

7.      Signed School Fees Form (Partial, Conditional or Full Exemption from Payment of Fees).

8.      Financial Arrangements (debit order).

9.      Signed WCED Learner Profile Grades R-12 Form – Parents to fill in pages 1 & 2 only.

10.    Grade 2 to 7: A CEMIS transfer form from the previous school (usually given to the pupil on the last day of school and to be presented on the first day at Edgemead Primary).

A partially completed application form or documents not supplied will delay the enrolment process.

The outcome of this application (whether we can accommodate or not) will be communicated to all applicants by email during June/July.

Thank you