Clothing Store

NOTE: Due to COVID19, we would like to address the following 2 issues that need adjustment during this time:

  1. Fittings:  We are allowing fittings, at your own risk.  We are using sample sizes to fit and each item is sprayed down after fitting before the next student tries on.  Fittings are done at the security office at the main gate or if the student is back at school already, in the clothing store. Due to the additional service offering to accommodate fittings at the gate, please be patient as this takes more time.
  2. Exchanges: We are unfortunately unable to allow exchanges so please be 100% sure of sizes.  Some students want to change in privacy and manage their own fitting, they do not want Miss Goetze to assist, please ensure these students understand that we cannot exchange if they settle on a size that once they arrive home, parents are not happy with.  Please encourage them to allow Miss Goetze to assist them so that you can have the best fit possible.

If you have any queries, please contact Miss Goetze at

The clothing store administers the selling of new clothing and accessories.  The store also administers lost property.

2020 Shop and Lost Property Times: Mon – Fri 08:00 to 14:00

PLEASE NOTE: We now also accept email orders to .  We will send you the amount due, bank details & a reference (this is NB to allocate your payment) to use. As soon as the POP is emailed to us, we will disburse the items to your child.  We do allow returns as long as the item in original packaging & receipt are returned to us within 7 days.



Back Packs R275.00
Tog BagsR220.00
Book BagR60.00
Chair BagR65.00
Lunch BagR40.00
Music BagR90.00

School Clothing

School ClothingPrice
Fleecy Tops (S, M, L, Adult)R365.00
Fleecy Tops (7-14)R325.00
Shirt Pockets R40.00
Ties – StraightR105.00
Black TightsR40.00

Sport Clothing

Sport ClothingPrice
PE Tops Adults (XS, S, M, L)R175.00
PE Tops Children (M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL)R160.00
Long White SocksR55.00
Navy ShortsR125.00
Peak CapsR60.00
Swimming CapsR40.00

Track Suits

Track SuitTopPantsTotal Price
Track Suit (5-6)R280.00R191.00R471.00
Track Suit (7-8)R287.00R202.00R489.00
Track Suit (9-10)R302.00R210.00R512.00
Track Suit (11-12)R334.00R233.00R567.00
Track Suit (13-14/XS)R349.00R240.00R589.00
Track Suit (S)R372.00R257.00R629.00
Track Suit (M-2XL)R396.00R264.00R660.00

Lost Property

All property must be clearly and permanently marked.  If property is lost and the owner cannot be traced due to the item not being marked, this property will be kept for no longer than one term after which it will be sold.  Property may be identified and claimed in the “Lost Property’ section of the school shop during its hours of business only:

HOURS: MON – FRI 08:00 to 14:00

Parents are urged to develop a greater sense of responsibility for their possessions, in their children.