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Cell Phone Policy


The school acknowledges the right of a pupil to bring a cellular phone to school.  These phones may, however, not be used on our premises for any purpose (calling, SMS'ing or web browsing) unless with the permission of, and in the presence of a teacher or administrative employee of the school.

1.    The School discourages the bringing of cellphones onto the property.

2.    The School accepts no responsibility for the loss / damage to cellphones / memory or SIM cards.

3.    The School merely provides a facility for the safe-keeping of cellphones.  Cellphones are kept in the safes provided or  
handed in at owner’s risk.

4.    It is expected that all learners lock away or hand in cellphones at the beginning of the school day.

5.    Children accept that they take personal responsibility for their cellphones / memory cards / SIM cards.

6.    Children may not lend cellphones / memory cards, etc. to other children while on the property.

7.    Cellphones may not be used at all on the school premises.

8.    Learners are discouraged from using cellphones while on the pavements of the School.

9.    Cellphones may not be taken on School outings / Day Trips / Tours.

10.   The onus is on learners to adhere to arrangements for the safe-keeping of cellphones at extra murals.  Once again
this is done at owner’s risk.

11.    Learners found to be in possession of cellphones during tests/ exams will face disciplinary action.

12.    Learners not adhering to recommendations concerning cellphones will face disciplinary action.

13.    Any learner found in possession of stolen property will face severe disciplinary action.

14.    It is important to note that the SAPS and cellphone companies can trace stolen cellphones.

15.    Should a cellphone ring or emit a received message tone, the cell phone will be confiscated and returned at the end of
the term.  Pupils will be permitted to retain the SIM card of the phone.

16.    If learners are caught with any undesirable/illegal material on their cellphones, the cellphone will be confiscated and
further disciplinary action will be instituted.