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After School Policy

1.    All learners are to leave the school building and grounds quickly and quietly through their designated exits.

2.    No learner may remain on the school grounds for extended periods of time unless supervised by a teacher or coach.

3.    No learner may climb over the palisade fencing or any closed/locked gates to leave the grounds.

4.    Learners must leave the grounds through designated gates only.

5.    No learner may exit the school grounds through the main, front electronic gate.

6.    Learners may not interfere with the mechanism of the main, front electronic gate.

7.    Bicycles must be pushed from the lock up area to outside of the school grounds.

8.    Learners are to wait on the pavement area outside of the school grounds to be collected.

9.    No learner may be allowed back into any classroom or venue after school once the classrooms are locked.

10.    Learners may not ask workers or teachers to unlock classrooms or venues to collect homework etc. after school.

11.    Learners may not be inside the school building after school hours unless accompanied by a teacher or coach.