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Main Hall

Our main hall is centrally situated and fully utilised every day for school and extra mural activities.

Lecture Theatre

This minor hall, adjacent to the main hall is suitable for the teaching of large groups and is especially designed for smaller groups to do group work.

Amenities Centre

This centre houses Hosanna Daycare 021 559 5208, our tuckshop, Music and Art rooms.

Occupational Therapy - Nadia van Rooiyen – Tel:  021 5582686 / 0823768563 – email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , a minor hall where extra mural activities are practised and various counsulting rooms.

Speech Therapist - Kim Marsh - Office: 021 9171956 - Cell: 082 9003208

Our MUSIC DEPARTMENT - Music Staff are also found in the amenities centre:
Miss L Dunn - Piano, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone
Mr A Gibbons - Piano, Brass, Jazz Band, Orchestra,
Mrs Y Recrosio - Recorder, Electronic Keyboard, Marimba Band Manager, Choir
Mr W Siebritz - Piano
Miss van der Merwe - Classical Guitar
Mr Terhoven - Drums


Our modern library offers a large range of appropriate reading material, research books, photocopy and laminating service.

Rainbow Room

The Rainbow Room is a literacy support programme for Foundation Phase pupils. Started in 2010, it has grown phenomenally in the past four years. It is administered by a programme coordinator and relies heavily on tutor volunteers from both the school parent body and the community. The Rainbow Room is housed in two custom-built classrooms of which the school is extremely proud.

Resource Centre

The well stocked Resource Centre contains structured English and Afrikaans readers and Individualised Reading programmes (IRP) which enable the children to read according to their individual ability.

Children are afforded the opportunity to take these books home in order to practice and improve their reading.

Computer Department

Our two modern computer centres are each equipped with 35 work stations.  We use a variety of up to date software including the “Evalunet”, scratch (coding), IR Learning Tools (interactive maths games) and Readers are Leaders” programmes.

Many children use these centres after school hours for research and academic extension. There is also extra Reader are Leaders available for those that require added improvement in reading in English and Afrikaans.

In conjusction with Digicape we often offer coding workshops during school holidays, please look out for these on our D6 Communicator.

IT Equipment
Each classroom is equipped with internet access, a networked computer whilst each classroom also has a video data projector.  Twenty one classrooms are also equipped with inter active SMART whiteboards.

We have included eLearning into our classrooms with the implementation of the use of IPads. We have already integrated devices into our grade 5, 6 and 7 classrooms, We have also been lucky enough to have a huge "floating Bank" of about 96 IPads, these are able to be booked out to our other grades. Some of our Apps that are being used include swift playground coding, popplet, stop motion, book creator, iMovie ect. 

This equipment is extensively used by teachers and pupils.


They tuckshop which is open before school, at break times, after school until 4pm and for all major school events is housed in the amenities centre.

Alongside the traditional tuckshop offerings the tuckshop prepares pre-ordered meals every day for the staff and learners to be delivered to the classrooms just before first break. Pre-orders are placed a week in advance via the Karri app. Orders are open from a Monday morning through to Thursday afternoon for the following week.

In addition the tuckshop offers "made to order" family meals for collection Monday - Thursday. If you are interested in placing a family made to order meal please email the tuckshop directly at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to be added to the weekly mailing list to see what is on offer for the week.

The tuckshop is committed to also providing healthy snacks, fruit juices and many other alternatives alongside the traditional treats. Parents are encouraged to educate their children with regards to healthy eating and purchasing from the tuckshop.

We take cash, snapscan and now have card facilities too.

For further information and any queries please email the tuckshop directly at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Available aftercare facilities in the community

The following aftercare and transport services details have been provided by parents in our school community who make use of these services. Edgemead Primary School neither endorses nor acts as an agent for any of the aftercare or transport services listed below. The responsibility rests with parents or guardians to research and choose the service that best suits their needs and best upholds their values.



021 559 5208


082 695 2507

Renette Tamlin

021 558 4749 / 083 284 5828

Sharon Martin

082 433 4634

Carol Newins

021 559 2264 / 082 432 0025


021 559 3556

Buzy Bee Computer Playschool

062 564 2758

Crazy Kids - Delores

021 558 2738

Denis Abels

084 559 4101

Edgemead Daycare

021 558 9338

Aunty Rose’s Aftercare

084 047 4180

The Learning Tree

021 558 9603 / 072 693 6952

Paddington’s Daycare

021 559 3999

Stacey’s After School Care

083 270 5479

Little Mead Daycare

062 281 6005

Mama Mia Aftercare

083 645 7272 / 021 558 0902

Kids’ Corner

021 558 6152

Melinda’s Aftercare

082 574 2301

Small Steps Big Strides

072 155 6190


Delrae’s Transport

072 340 3879

Kids on wheels - Kevin

083 564 6402

Transport  -Fiona Petersen

073 921 2059

Lift club - Stephen Christian

084 622 5143

Faith Lift Club - Tendai

073 779 2429

C&H Transport - Chris Karam

064 477 1184

Colleen’s kids’ cabby - Colleen Rademacher

072 271 4876

Just in time - June

083 298 2900