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#EPS Holiday Coding Workshop - One byte at a time

WOW what a success our first IPad Swift Playground holiday Coding workshop was held during the June school holidays. I am happy to report that our pupils were challenged, sometimes frustrated, pushed to go that extra mile, they were encouraged to think no matter how much it hurt, there was a lot of laughter, excitement and chaos but in my heart I know that they were happy.

It was not just about the coding but the implementation of team work, collaboration, building confidence and just simply having funĀ (who thought coding could be such a blast). There were so many other skills that were taught unbeknownst to the students.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Mr McAslin for coming in at some crazy hour to unlock the school for us, only to return again in the evening (during the soccer world cup i might add) to lock up again and make sure we were all send home safe.

A very big thank you to our trainers Mr Angelo Martin and Mr Paul Wernich from DigiCape who made it so much fun for our pupils, for the snacks, loan of the IPads, gaming advise, laughter and encouragement.

Please "Click" on our Gallery link above to view more photos of the week.