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EPS #Announcing our Head Prefects

We are so excited to announce our head prefects 2018!

Deputy head for Gr4: Isabella di Leva
Deputy head for Gr5: Isabella Wright
Deputy head for Gr6: Jade Smith
Head girl: Erin Knott
Head boy: Aiden Donaldson

Our heads were given a number of symbols that will remind them of the responsibility of their new role:
1. Unlit candle - to light the candle you need to make a leaders they will sometimes have to make tough decisions
2. Light house - they need to get the light out leaders you are a beacon to others
3. Edge bear - represents our 4 values and motto
4. School flag - covers the school - you lead from Gr1 to gr7 school
5. Vision statement - we want to be a safe space...we need to connect with each other.