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Sports Policy


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To align all sport with School Policy regarding participation, competitions and general points of importance.


It is the policy of Edgemead Primary School that all learners are encouraged to participate in at least one summer and one winter activity of the extra-curricular activities offered at the school.  The focus is on mass participation while catering for the needs of each individual participant.  Competitions are entered into where strength opposes strength and sportsmanship and the activity itself is the winner.  Our sport policy  therefore focuses on participation with the objective of victory a secondary outcome.


Outside assistants are remunerated for their contributions during the school term.  Payment is calculated according to the amount of time offered to your particular activity.  Extra payment is made for matches.


Trials should be held at the beginning of the first/fourth terms (summer sport) and the second and third terms (winter sport).  First or A teams must be selected on merit and should be the strongest team.  Thereafter, B,C and further teams should be of relatively equal strength and a rotation system should be used to allow all participants the opportunity of matches or the participation in competitions or tournaments.
The selection and rotation policy should aim firstly at creating an equal participation opportunity, and then at winning the match.  It should also aim at recognizing development and improvement of individuals through rotation between teams.  (As appropriate, each sport code determines their selection & rotation policy).

All members of a team should belong to a particular age group for the activity, except for tennis (individual sport), u13 rugby (owing to the league structure) and u13 cricket (when a player demonstrates above average batting/bowling skills).The School Code of Conduct applies when Edgemead Primary School pupils participate in any competitions, presentations or fixtures. The badge and name of Edgemead Primary shall be worn with pride, even in defeat.  Strict adherence to the dress code will apply at all times.


It is expected that Edgemead Primary School will enter in to competitions, presentations or fixtures offered, that fall within the boundaries of the sport program.  A minimum of activities entered into is not set, but no child should be withheld the opportunity to participate as often as possible, and at the highest level possible.  In an effort to improve the competitiveness of our teams and groups, it is important that their skills and abilities are tested against other schools, especially those outside our region.

Learners, who are participating in fixtures or activities, should change into their appropriate clothes during second break or at the end of the school day depending on where they are playing away.  Learners may not leave their class early to participate in a fixture, unless the teacher has been informed.

5.    TOURS

It is the responsibility of the coach/es of a particular team, age group or code to arrange tours.  Once details have been finalized, the Head of Sport and Management Team must be briefed of the proposed tour. 


Teams and tours have been sponsored from time to time.  Careful discussion has to be entered into and the terms of the sponsorship must be strictly adhered to.  Any form of sponsorship must be communicated to the Head of Sport in order to ensure uniformity and consistent practice.


In the event of inclement weather, the head of sport code must consult with the Head of Sport to cancel the organized practice/matches that day.
For Junior Phase Activities: Inform the parents by 12.30
For Senior Phase Activities: Inform the parents by 13.30

The changes of the Sport Program for that day are recorded on the telephone system.

Wet Weather:
If there will no longer be any educational value to continue with outside activities due to rain, wet fields or courts, the activities should be cancelled.

If it is raining at the above time, and the forecast predicts continued rain for the afternoon, cancel activity.

If intermittent showers are present and the forecast predicts that periods of clearing could be experienced, the activity should continue.

If the fields and courts are not suitable for use due to excessive water on them, the activity should be cancelled.

Hot Weather:
No activity should merely be cancelled due to excessive heat.  Preventative measures should be taken to avoid excessive exhaustion and dehydration.  The wearing of caps / hats, sunscreen and regular drinking of water together with periods of rest in shady places must be encouraged.

If the humidity level is so high that unnatural dehydration is possible, the activity must be cancelled.

In the event where an activity is cancelled, the learners who cannot go home at school closing time, must be supervised in a classroom until the ending time of the activity.  Other forms of preparation for an activity should also be considered instead of simply canceling an activity.


It is the responsibility of the particular educator that all participants of an activity reach the venue for the activity.  Should the learner be unable to reach the venue by own means, school transport must be made available to him/her.  Parents are to be informed if private transport is used.

Any staff member driving the school bus must be in the possession of a valid Professional Driving Permit (PDP).  Where an external bus company is used the school will always endeavor to make use of appropriately registered and reputable companies.  Prior to departure the chosen bus company will be required to provide the PDP and driver licenses, the current service record, as well as the pre-trip check document, for each bus provided.

Eating in the buses is not permitted and buses are to be returned in a clean state.


The school Code of Conduct applies during all activities.  Learners who disobey school rules must be dealt with according to the school’s discipline policy.  Appropriate behavior on and off the field / court must be encouraged at all times.  No coach, parent or learner should be permitted to display gamesmanship at all times.  Edgemead Primary is gracious in victory and accepts defeat.  We do not indulge in a culture of blame and will at all times be worthy opponents.

The school code of conduct covering sport is:

Code of Conduct for Players
•    Play according to the rules and never question an umpire’s decision.  Leave any queries to your coach or team
•    Control yourself at all times-never lose your temper with your opponents or fellow mates.
•    Maintain a high work rate!  This will benefit both you and your team.
•    Show respect to all players on the field.
•    Be sporting – acknowledge good play of both your team mates and opponents.
•    Play for the love of the game – not for the pleasure you think it gives parents and coach.
Remember: The aim of sport is enjoyment and to develop your skills.

Code of Conduct for Parents
•    Children should learn best from example set to them.
•    Children should never be forced to participate in any sport code.
•    Children should be playing sport for their personal enjoyment, not their parent’s.
•    Never humiliate of shout at your child if he/she makes a mistake on the field or loses a match.
•    Encourage your child to play according to the rules and to co-operate with coaches and umpires.
•    Continually reinforce the fact that it is just as important to play your best as it is to win.
•    Change losing into winning: help your child develop his/hers skills and develop a spirit of sportsmanship.
•    Acknowledge all good play, no matter from which team.
•    Show respect for the opposing team, after all, without them there could be no match!
•    Set an example, please refrain from swearing or insulting coaches/umpires publicly.
•    Acknowledge and support our volunteer coaches and umpires.  They are offering their times and expertise for the
good of the game.
•    Not every child is a future springbok, some children are simply participating in organized sport.
•    Aggression/violence on the field will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Learner’s who repeatedly do not uphold the ethos, should be dealt with firmly.  Consequences:
1.    Verbal warning and counseling of the child.
2.    Child is dropped or suspended if behavior continues and a discussion is held with the parent and child.


The buying of new equipment must be done according to the school’s financial policy.

Care must be taken of all equipment.  New equipment must be added to the school’s assets register.  Repair of damaged equipment needs to be followed up on and budgeted accordingly.