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Language Policy


Edgemead Primary School, situated in the village of Edgemead, draws most of its pupils from within the local community and from the three Edgemead based pre primary schools.  The residents of Edgemead are predominantly English speaking whilst the pre primary schools are English medium.

Languages offered

English, is the language of learning and teaching (LOLT).  Four hours per week is allocated to this instruction in the Intermediate/Senior Phase. The First Additional Language (FAL) currently presented is Afrikaans.  Three hours per week is allocated to this language. (In the Foundation Phase, 40% of the notional time is allocated to Literacy).

It is the desire of many of our parents that we offer instruction in an African language.  This is supported by our Governing Body.

Our school has previously included the instruction of Xhosa.  This, however, was discontinued as it was found that a minimum of three hours per week was required to have meaningful results.  Because of time constraints, this is not feasible.  Should schools be permitted to choose their own second language, and should the logistics thereof be overcome (ie supply of competent teaching staff) our school will actively investigate the introduction of Xhosa.

Revision of Language Policy

Although restricted by legislation in that tuition in English and Afrikaans is compulsory, this language policy could be amended if required.

Rights of Pupils

Because of the demographics of the feeder area and the predominance of English speaking residents, it is unlikely that the medium of instruction will be required to change in the foreseeable future.  If, however, this should happen, the change will be gradual and children will be allowed to complete their phase in English.

Language of Assessment

Assessment is conducted in English.  As regards language, both English (LOLT) and Afrikaans (FAL) are assessed.

Communication with Parents

All communication is conducted in English.

Promotion of Literacy and Language development

>    SURE:  As part of our promotion of Literacy, every class has a reading period of at least 30 minutes every day
      where educators encourage learners creatively to read.

>    Resource Centre: Our school is privileged to have an extremely well stocked resource centre.  This centre is
      equipped with graded readers in both English and Afrikaans.  Teachers, mostly those in the Foundation Phase, use
      this facility on a daily basis.

>    Library:  We have a well-stocked library which learners use on a daily basis.  Both English and Afrikaans books are

>    Integrated Reading Programmes (IRP):  - Our Foundation Phase department has initiated a programme whereby a
      team of volunteer mothers come in every day to assist learners with individual reading.  The individual readers are
      taken hom where the parents also assist their child.  This system has proved most beneficial and will continue to
      be implemented.

>    100 Books Project:  These books in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa are in the classrooms and are used by the learners

Plans for accommodating learners of other language groups:

We periodically have enrolments of pupils whose home language is other than English.  These have included French, Taiwanese, Korean and Xhosa speaking children.  These learners are well supported and encouraged by our competent educators.  In the past we have found that these children soon become fluent and competent in English and cope well.  Should these numbers increase markedly, our Governing Body will investigate the possibility of mother tongue instruction.  Once again, dependent upon the WCED ability to supply logistical and educator support.

Plans to encourage the recognition of all the SA official languages:

Although English is the predominantly spoken and heard language in our geographic area, respect and recognition of all official languages is encouraged and supported.

Plan of Implementation

*    All teachers appointed at our school should be competent in the speaking, reading and writing of English.  They
      should also be able to teach children the first additional language, Afrikaans. Should Xhosa be included in the
      curriculum we will make concerted efforts to employ Xhosa speaking educators.

*    We would be willing to adapt our policy should there be a need for this.  To date we have had no requests for
      instruction other than in English. Should we receive these requests, they will be recorded and if warranted,
      necessary changes will be investigated.

Plans to manage, monitor and assure quality of the languages policy.

Our policy is currently  implemented to the full satisfaction of all parties - educators, parents, the community and learners.  We shall remain flexible and are willing to adapt where necessary.