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Examination Policy

Forms of Assessment

1.    Formative Assessment :- This form of assessment is ongoing and continuous in nature. It measures a learner’s
       performance in classroom tasks, projects, oral communications, essays and assignments. Learner achievement is
       measured and recorded in the form of marks and reported to parents in the form of a code and corresponding
       percentage. The Intermediate Phase uses a 1 –4 coding system and the Senior Phase uses a 1 – 7 coding
       framework. Formative coding and assessment is implemented as per the National Protocol on Assessment
       ( 2005 ). Formative assessment runs parallel to the Assessment Standards of any given Learning Area.

2.    Summative Assessment :- This form of assessment is specific in nature. It measures a learner’s understanding of
       knowledge and concepts taught through class tests and examinations. Learner achievement is measured,
       recorded and reported to parents in the form of marks, codes and percentages. The marks obtained for the
       examinations and class tests will be added to the marks obtained for the formative assessments to calculate a final
       percentage for the report.


1.    Class tests may be assessed and recorded in the form of marks under Formative Assessment provided that the
       test has been designed to satisfy the Assessment Standard/s of a particular Learning Area. Class test will form part
       of the final percentage obtained for any Learning Area.
2.    Class tests cannot be used to ‘write off’ a section of academic work. Only an examination can do this.
3.    Class tests written may be combined with the examination results for the final percentage on the academic
       report, provided that the test totals do not exceed 50% of the final examination total.


1.    Formal examinations are written twice during the academic year. Once in June and again in November.
2.    Results achieved for examinations are combined with the learner’s Formative Assessments completed during that
      term for a final report code and percentage.
3.    Examinations can ‘write off’ six months of academic work in all content Learning Areas but not in Mathematics and
4.    In the Intermediate/ Senior Phases examinations will now play a role in the promotion and progression of a learner
       if the examination is combined with a learner’s Formative Assessment.
5.    Final moderation of the examination question papers is the responsibility of the Learning Area Head of the school.