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Drug and Alcohol Policy


1.    Smoking will refer to the use of abuse of any cigarettes, cigars, pipes or marijuana within the boundaries of the school grounds.
2.    Alcohol will be any form of liquid that has an alcohol content as part of its volume.
3.    Drugs will refer to any narcotic or habit forming substance in powder, crystal or liquid form and taken orally, nasally or intravenously.


Any form of smoking, the use or abuse of alcohol and the taking of any form of drug is in direct contravention of our school’s Code of Conduct.  Section B “Behaviour” points 9 and 10.


1.    Disciplinary measures relating to smoking, alcohol or the use and abuse of drugs will be handled by the principal and the Governing Body of the school.
2.    All disciplinary measures will be conducted and implemented as stated in the South African School’s Act : Section 8 (1-5) of 1996.
3.    The involvement of outside authorities (police and or counselors) will be at the discretion of the principal and the governing body of the school.
4.    Smoking, alcohol and use and abuse of any form of drug will be regarded as serious misconduct on the part of the learner.


1.    It is the policy of this school to educate learners and to be proactive to assist in eliminating potential alcohol, smoking or drug related problems.
2.    Alcohol/smoking and drug awareness is part of the teaching curriculum in grades 6 and 7.  Reference is also made to this in all other grades.
3.    In grade 6 this programme forms part of the Life Skills learning area.
4.    In grade 7 this programme forms part of the Literacy and Communication as well as the Life Skills learning areas.
5.    This programme highlights the dangers and the consequences of any form of substance abuse that the learner may encounter.
6.    All learners will be made aware of orgnaisations for information, assistance and counseling.

a)    Cape Town Drug Counseling Centre – 021 8526065
b)    Bridges – 021 9454080
c)    SANCA – South African Centre for Alcohol and Drug Dependence.


1.    No educator, non educator or visiting parents may smoke in any venue within the school building.
2.    Educators are not permitted to smoke when in direct contact with pupils.  This includes camps, outings and sporting/cultural events.
3.    Alcohol may not be consumed in the company or view of learners while educators are performing their duties.