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Absence from School Policy

A pupil may only be absent from school for a valid reason (illness, urgent affairs, etc).

*    If a child is absent from school for one day only, the secretary need not be informed.   
Upon his return, the child's absence should be explained by means of a letter from the parent(s).

*    If a child is off for a second day, the secretary should be informed by telephone.  This should be done at the outset if
parents know that the child is due to be off for more than one day.

*    Absence of more than three days must be supported by a doctor's certificate.

*    In the case of absence through illness, the teachers will assist in efforts for the child to catch up with missed work, get
notes, etc.

The principal or any teacher may NOT give permission for any child to miss school for any reason other than illness or urgent affairs.  Permission for travel, timeshare, modelling assignments etc may not be given.

Should a parent decide to keep a child out of school for reasons other than illness, it is their responsibility and not that of the teacher to ensure that the child catches up missed work, obtains notes, gets up to date, hands in projects etc.

Absence for periods of a week or longer could seriously hamper the child's progress.