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Grade 1

Educators (2019)

Mrs J. Thomas (HOD), Mrs I. Rautenbach, Miss C. MacKenzie, Mrs K. Whittemore, Mrs D. Kleibeler, Mrs C Charles

The grade 1 learners will be attending school for a full day as from the first day of school.

Grade 1 stationery requirements for 2019


1.  An art shirt (An over-sized old shirt works best.  Sew in a tag so that we can hang it on a hook shorten the sleeves to fit your child’s arm and have elastic put into the cuffs)

2.  A box of tissues

3.  A navy-blue suitcase or satchel for your books.  We do not allow the wheelie type.

4.  An official EPS togbag.



Please make sure that every item is marked.  Mark each pencil crayon and each retractable crayon with your child’s name.

Mrs A de Araujo from Art & Office (telephone: 021 5516834) will stock the complete stationery pack (R265).  These may be purchased at the Orientation evening from 17:00.


1 x Denim Pencil bag 22cm

2 x Glue Sticks 36g

1 x Whiteboard Markers Blue – bullet tip

1 x Triangle Crayons- pencil crayons – box of 12

1 x Finger Grip Ruler

1 x 2-hole Metal Sharpener in container

12 x HB Pencils

1 x pair of blunt nose Scissors

2 x Erasers

2 x 20 page Flip file

1 x Retractable Wax Crayons 12’s- turnouts

1 pair earphones (Plug ins) – no headphones and no bluetooth

Please send all stationery in an ice cream container on the first day of school.  There is no need to decorate the tub as they will be stacked.

The school will supply a homework diary, lunch bag, book bag and chair bag.  Please do not purchase these.   We advise parents to purchase extra glue sticks and

retractable wax crayons when the Christmas promotions are available.